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Meet Dottie!

Welcoming Dottie and Friends to Metraland!

Its been a loooong time since we started Metra, your source for Gay entertainment, way back in 1979! Think of it – the big movies of the year were Apocolypse Now, the original Mad Max and of course the ultra scary Alien– to name a few. On the dance floor we weren’t stopping “until we had enough” thanks to Michael Jackson, “ringing our Bells” with Anita Baker and giving our thighs a workout dancing to “Le Freak” by Chic.

And who can remember The Village People at Cobo Hall? THAT was the most fun a lot of us had with our clothes on in the late 70s!  Let’s face it – it WAS the 70’s and life was to be lived.  Now it’s almost 40 years and two generations later- and while some things change- others remain the same. So, when we all get together to party like it’s 1979 Metra will be there. You can count on it.    Mary

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